Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Been a busy month, this. As something of proof, daughter sent us this of the latest additions to her family and the ol' probligo's (now probbly completed)small host of grandchildren.

That took a week or so out of the beginning of the month, if only because the missus was stressed out from the last week of August until the event was over. Then the stress level rose to extreme until packing and travel had been sorted. I got a small number of frames on the way back that might be mildly interesting. I have the coming weekend available for project work before the missus gets back Monday.

So, I have been able to sort adequate entries for club this month -

Set subject this week is "domestic pets". I was tempted by a photo of a rock but decided that tempting judges had gone far enough for the while. Stick to the menu lad.

On the other side, however, I turned this out of the library last week. It is in the same mould as the mask...

I wish I could work out how Frank does his virtual masques and frames.

Oh, the cat? No, he wants it known that he is not fat.

Just big!

All 6.5 kg of him.

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