Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Got May sorted...

Easter this year was summer, the best summer weather we have had since May last year. The one thing that was missing was the cicadas. They were around during February, but I suspect that 2019 and 2029 will be very poor years for them.

I have been having problems with getting images together for club for this and next month. Until last night.

I downloaded the SD card from the Easter break and it includes 5 frames taken on Saturday morning. SWMBO drew attention to a monarch butterfly in the bottlebrush alongside the carport. Out of that comes my "Flower" image.

I still do not have a "Reflections" for this month, so may have to resort to the car mirror or something like that. The old two mirror trick is another in my mind.

And I have the "Open" image for this or next month as well...

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