Friday, January 14, 2011

And so the year turns...

I wrote in my last post of having paid a couple of visits to Manukau Photographic Soc. meetings. The first image was grabbed as I was leaving that meeting. I was one of the first out, but a woman went past as I was getting things right in the camera and asked what I was doing. I gestured to the trees and she said "You know, I have never seen that!".

Yep, goes to show.

The second is one I need some help with. I took this at the Diwali Festival in November. I would love to show it, but the face of the kneeling girl needs to be removed as does an ear that sticks out on the left of the left-side girl's skirt. There is also a merge between the skirts of the girl on the left and the girl behind her. That is less noticeable (unless you realise that the gold is not right round the skirt).

I do not have Photoshop. I have got hold of a freebie processor that has a spray-over function which I can not get right. There is a combination of motion blur and fabric that I am having great difficulty with matching. I think it might be a combination of factors; like what kind of merge to use, fade factor on the spray, spray width... I am somewhat lost.

BTW the image was at 1/4, hand held. Not bad for an old bugger I reckon.

One thing I have realised, mainly as a result of using the Labels function on blogs that I run, is the need and ease of creating an index to my photo library. NO, I am not putting the whole lot onto the Net. I know there are several quite good library drivers there. I want this one "in house", for MY use.

Any suggestions out there?

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