Sunday, November 28, 2010

The month of November - that was...

I don't know where it went, but then that is a different story.

After tarting myself down to Manukau Photographic Soc. I went back to the old haunt at Howick Camera Club. Not a lot has changed there. The club seems to be quite a bit bigger, with a goodly number there on the night. They also have "C", "Intermediate" and "Elite" categories for membership. NEAT!! They even have a "m-a-g" person who passed on the fact that I was an ex- returning to the fold as it were. No on rushed over to shake my hand or even acknowledge me so to that extent, nothing much has changed.

I think I might concentrate on set subject again, if only because I enjoy the challenge. I have the list for next year and most are pretty standard. "Hot", "Sport" come to mind in that category of "standard".

There are two which I think will be a real challenge.

"White on white". Got an idea for this; involves a plate, a white infinity sheet, and multiple exposure. Thoughts processing furiously on how to achieve the kind of light/shadow I want...

"Eyes". Given I am not good at people photos, this is a real challenge. It strikes me as "real, in your face" photography.

One to have fun with - "Privacy". Potential for political comment here is endless. I might visit Q St one afternoon and line up unsuspecting peds and ask them to hide their faces from me. Hopefully I will also have some police in the same frame... Hmmm and evil grin on that one.

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