Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February - 2010

I went along to the camera club of choice on the second Monday of Feb and signed myself up. Good-oh, I thought. No dramas there! Happy faces but apart from an announcement at the opening of the more formal part and one or two sidelong glances from some oldies there was very little reaction. Well to be frank I was not expecting to be welcomed as the prodigal son.

That night was on print mounting, a topic that was one of the difficulties I had originally. I was hoping to catch up on what was acceptable, the current techniques. What I found was that I need to invest some $250 in a matt cutter. An extremely interesting tool ranking alongside of a balsa stripper for builders of small aircraft models. Perhaps next year...[GRIN]

In the meantime, there is much to be learned from the experts. I have to get the discipline back in gear.

The third Monday of each month is “projected images night”. So, I selected a couple appropriate to the occasion (I have stuck them in below). I have to say they are not my best. The Yasur image is “clouded” by the ash being emitted continuously from the crater. That makes the hot lines from the ejected rock look as though they are out of focus. BTW that was a 40 second exposure taken about 20:00. (What a weak excuse, the old Minolta was on its last legs as well).

“Tank” (and that is his nickname) is a delightful chappie, from the north of the Hokianga. He has been competing at the Opo Chops for more years than he cares to remember. As you can see from the expression on his face, he enjoys it even if he can’t keep up with his handicap. I like the image because of the smile on his face, and the action even if the motion blurs and all are absent… I was very tempted to enter it in the Set topic of “Hot” but the volcano “won”.

How would it have done in the club comp? Acceptance probably. It certainly would not have ranked with some of the others shown. So I have to be a bit realistic about things; most of all the ability I have which I know is small compared with many others.

Now notice the doubt there? My entries did not turn up in the competition. Nor did my badge either. I have not yet been approved as a member. Well, fair enough I thought. I wasn’t too worried because of the standard (or lack thereof) of my entries anyway. I wonder if anyone will look back through the club records for about 5 years back. I know my name is on at least one trophy; but that was then…

Last night the club newsletter for March arrives by virtual mail. Greetings to one new and one returning member. OK! My name in lights!! Not. I must have joined on the wrong night. [ANOTHER GRIN].

March should be interesting when I send in my entries. I am going to tag them with a reply requirement for receipt and open. Ah, the fun… :D

Belated Update -

I realised that I had missed the heading, so that has been corrected.

We (Mrs probligo and yt) went to the Lantern Festival. Interesting. And some very crappy images. I might get brave enough to select one or two of the better ones...

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