Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March (ing on)

Well, I guess that is about the end of March.

I quite enjoyed the competition night (projected images) this month. My entries are below.

The Waxeye was praised for its colour and composition. The difference between the Highly Commended it got and Honours was (as far as I could determine) the colour of the background. Apparently early spring in Auckland when it is trying its best to rain should have blue skies, that cobalt colour you can get with the judicious use of a polariser. Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice!

I ended up choosing a different frame from the series I took at Tanu Beach of the touch-rugby players. The main criticism was around the background (…a marvellous sunset…) and the fact that the players were only in silhouette. Fair enough. That was one of the reasons I chose that frame – and a measure of desperation that my library of “Sport” images from the past two years is very limited. There was one Honours frame from C Grade – and I can not dispute that it deserved the award; it was a beauty.

So, I can’t and won’t complain. Two HC’s out of two.

There was a quick “technical” to close the meeting on panorama photos. Quite satisfying to hear an expert tell you that what you have been doing is absolutely right… I might be heading for the print competition next Monday (HT!! skates ON!!) with a Taranaki print.

April set topic is “Privacy”. I have a couple that I am thinking about. More on that later.

I am getting a replacement print for one of the photos in my gallery; a sunset taken at Mangere about ten years back. It is in a cheap frame and the glass is not uv-proof. It has suffered badly as a result so I am replacing that glass. Mrs probligo also wants a new photo for the opposite wall and has selected one of the Tamaki fog series for that. I am putting another of them into competition next month to judge the water for a B&W competition in May. I am converting to B&W using the process suggested through PS9. Not easy for a beginner… The ‘Naki print is also on order.

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