Friday, May 27, 2011

More of May...

Being Saturday, the probligo and SWMBO went to the library, shopping (fresh greens etc for the weekend and a bottle of wine) followed by lunch out (that is not ordinaire!) and a visit to Uxbridge. A word of explanation on the latter. Uxbridge is the local arts centre, based on one of the old church halls. Presbyterian, I think. Occasionally they have some really worthwhile things going and this was the reason for today's visit.

An ex-member of Howick Camera Club, one Derek Penlington, had a display of some of his more recent work. He has been working in long-exposure landscapes; movement of the camera; multiple exposure. Interesting but, I have to say, a rather limited range. There were perhaps four sequences of (similar) images; a seagull in long and multiple exposures; wave-break (surf); kaihikatea swamp; an autumn scene. Good images, nothing particularly amazing. I thought that there would be far greater impact if he had taken the same image in bright light, with bright colours, and used ND filters to lengthen the exposure. There - something to try.

Like this as an example -

Not as extreme as Penlington - nowhere near. But the idea of a passing autumn breeze is (I think) very well conveyed at 1/15 as against 1/250.

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