Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Most of May...

No competition entries this month. Too "busy" Been to club for nights two and three, and the couple of "training" nights, but there has been little enough time to think and plan, let alone prepare for competition.

Set topic this month was "food". The "projected images" competition was remarkable. Not for the sparcity of entries - there were only five for B Grade and eight for A Grade - but for the absolutely stunning still life that won image of the night for C Grade. If there had been an overall winner it would have cleaned that as well. If I remember I will post the link to the club site so you can see for yourself. No, it was NOT mine; I try to give credit where due.

There are two sessions of the course left. Have I learned much? Yes, the ol probligo brain aint dead yet! Had a quiet natter with one of the presenters at the last session. Nothing direct, but I can feel the old challenges returning. The homework is to prepare 8 sets of images showing examples of differing types of light.

So some f'rinstances.

"Flat light" -

For "Artificial Light", I am putting up the "Night Tree" image from earlier in the year, along with this that I grabbed (one of four frames) after "class" -

After posting... hmmm, wonder what happened there. That bottom third was sure not like that on the original jpg.

And to wind this up, this is under the heading of "Hard Light" -

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